Meal Plan Monday: Weekend Getaway Edition


Me and my best friends on a day trip to Rockport, MA this spring. They’ll be joining me on most of my weekend getaways this summer!

Vermont, Portsmouth, Portland, Newport, Portland, Nantucket, Vermont, Old Orchard Beach. That’s a summary of my weekend getaway schedule this summer (so far). Mind you, the summer consists of only 15 weekends (inclusive of Memorial Day and Labor Day) – so I’m keeping myself pretty busy. That seems to be the norm of New England summers – everyone escapes the city for a different destination. I guess we’re lucky that Boston is close to so many exciting places to visit – mountains, lakes, ponds, islands, oceans – everything you could want!

As much as I love to get away for the weekend, it does through a wrench in my meal planning. A weekend getaway leaves you with less time to grocery shop, plan your meals, and prep for the week. The last thing I want is to feel stressed coming back from a weekend away, so I put together a few tips to help with meal planning when you’re spending a weekend away from home.

Before you leave:

1. Freeze your leftovers so they won’t go bad over the weekend. Pay close attention to veggies and fruits that are most susceptible to going mushy while you’re away. Most vegetables will freeze well once lightly cooked.

2. Decide what you’ll eat on Monday. You might even go so far as to pack your breakfast or lunch in advance. It will alleviate the stress of transitioning back to your week after a fun summer weekend. My goal is to only eat out for one meal on Monday’s after a weekend trip – only if necessary!

Once you get back:

3. Grocery shop as soon as you can. If you can, stop at the grocery story on your way home. If that’s not possible, hit it up on Monday after work (after all, you already planned your meals for Monday anyway!)

4. Cut your budget by 30%. Since you’re only planning for Monday-Thursday/Friday, spend less on groceries so you have extra money for your trip. Cheaper items that still keep you full: beans, tofu, and brown rice.

5. Aim for 30 minutes or less. Since you won’t have much weekend time to prep, stick with meals that take less than 30 minutes to get ready. Quick to prep meals: salad, pasta, shrimp, and quinoa.

Enjoy your weekend getaways! Where are you most excited to visit this summer?

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