Best Meal of 2013

egg sandwich

December really threw me for a loop. Between Thanksgiving, traveling for work, a mini vacation, and Christmas, I felt like I was barely home. When I was home, work was busy and I never found time to go to the grocery store. So I ended up eating out (or at a hotel) almost every night this month.

Even when I went home for Christmas my family ordered out. There are so many of us (I’m one of five) that it is almost impossible to please everyone. (I don’t know how my mom did it all those years!) The one night we decided to make something at home, the oven got stuck on cleaning mode, got really, really, really hot, and then died. Woof.

Although I love spending time with my family, I was so happy to come back to Boston and get back into my routine. That’s why this egg sandwich gets my vote for best meal of 2013. It’s very simple – an over easy egg with parmesan cheese, sliced tomato, and cilantro on a sliced ciabatta roll with Dijon mustard – but it’s the first meal I’ve cooked for myself since before Thanksgiving.

I was a little afraid that a month of eating out had killed my cooking mojo – but all it took was a trip to the grocery store and some time at home and I’m back to normal! Reflecting on the past year, what was your best meal?

Have a happy, healthy New Year’s celebration!

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