Pomegranate Greek Salad


I often say that soup is the winter equivalent of a salad. If prepared correctly, a vegetable-based soup can be as healthy, light, and nutritious as a bright summer salad. However, salads themselves can be great in winter time too, with a few tweaks.

Make a salad winter-ready by adding seasonal veggies and a warm element. Here, I added pomegranate seeds pearled couscous. You could try another grain – like quinoa or faro – but I prefer the doughy, soft texture of the pearled couscous. Seeding a pomegranate can be a pain, but it’s always worth it.

Pomegranate Greek Salad

Cook 1 package pearled couscous according to package directions. Top 2 cups mixed greens with 1/3 cup cooked couscous, 5 diced olive, 2 ounces cubed feta cheese, ¼ cup diced cucumber and ¼ cup pomegranate seeds. Dress with 1 tablespoon Italian dressing.

Yield: 1 serving. Per Serving: $3.89, 493 calories, 22g fat, 59g carbs, 14g protein.

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