My First 10k – Start Strong, Finish Stronger


After 10 weeks of training, the day finally came – I ran my first 10k on Monday at the Tufts Health Plan 10k for Women!

My coworker, running buddy, and fellow employee wellness enthusiast, Carolyn, ran the race with me. She and her boyfriend picked me up at my apartment early Monday morning to get to the race site in time to park, register, and warm up. I was surprisingly nervous! In anticipation of getting a good night’s sleep I had gone to bed early, but my nerves woke me up throughout the night.

It was a beautiful day, sunny with a high in the upper 60s. It was cooler in the morning and I was worried about being cold during the race because I was shivering through our warm up jog. During the race, I wore a very light long-sleeved half-zip top with spandex shorts.

Being that it was a primarily all women’s race (a few men joined in), the energy was fantastic. Lot’s of pink and purple and other bright colors, with some key Katy Perry songs playing over the loud speaker (Roar, anyone?!). When called, Carolyn and I lined up with the 9-minute milers and waited in anticipation for the start of the race.

We stayed together for the first mile and a half. Carolyn was timing us on her watch, so we knew at the one mile mark that we were about 1:30 behind the clock. That was so helpful – at each mile I could get a good estimate of my time without having the check my Map My Run app on my phone in my arm band.

The first two miles were a breeze, and I felt relatively good about the third until a slight uphill at the end. That was right around where I started to feel overheated. It was HOT for October. I was expecting it to be a bit breezy and cool around the Charles River, but the race started at noon and the sun was blazing. The cool breeze from the morning was gone. I started dumping the water at each mile down my back to stay cooler. I would have felt better at the end of the race if I had worn something lighter.

The fourth mile was the absolute worst – a long stretch with no shade that felt like it went on forever! Next year I’ll know to pace myself on that one – or strategic place some friends there for extra motivation.

I ended up beating my goal by 5 minutes and came in at 55:04. I was pumped (and apparently booking it)!

My roommate and her boyfriend met us at the finish line with the adorable sign above. I was touched by their thoughtfulness and so happy to see them at the end! We ate some of the great snacks (luna bars, bananas, gold fish, and chocolate covered bananas) provided by the race organizers and stretch on the grass in the Commons. We celebrated with a delicious brunch afterwards.

I set this goal for myself at the beginning of the year, and it feels so good to accomplish something I’ve had my eye on for so long. It also feels good to not have to run that far for a while!


preraceselfie   kcafterraceFrom left to right, top to bottom: 1) view of the finish line before the race, 2) my bib number, 3) Carolyn and I before the race, 4) me and the roomie and her amazing sign!, 5) I have a tendency of making Carolyn take selfies, 5) started strong, finished stronger!

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