New Weather, New Workout


I know this is a cooking blog, but I can diversify a bit, right? A big part of a healthy lifestyle is staying active, so I hope you don’t mind if every now and then I post about exercise.

About 10 weeks ago I started training for a 10k (6.2 mile) race, the longest distance I’ve ever run. Prior to this, the longest race I participated in was 4.5 miles. That was in 2007 and when I finished I vowed to never run that far again. And here I am.

I started training in July, right in the middle of summer. My training plan consisted of running three times a week (one timed, one distance, and one intervals), lifting twice a week, and cross-training (like yoga, spinning, or hiking) once a week. If you do the math, that comes to 6 workouts per week. I was being ambitious.

When I started training, it actually wasn’t so bad. To my surprise, I kept up with my plan for a solid 5 weeks – even over vacation! But then September rolled around, and I hit a wall. Somehow I’d lost my motivation and just couldn’t keep up.

My reasoning: it’s much easier to exercise over the summer. The sun rises earlier and sets later, allowing more time for an early morning visit to the gym or a late evening run. We’re all a little more motivated, for different reasons, by the pressure to be seen anywhere in a bathing suit.

Over the course of 10 weeks, more than just the weather has changed – my priorities have changed too. Sleeping in until closer to sunrise has become more important (and more valuable to my overall happiness) than hitting the gym. What I do after work has changed too. I’m spending more time with friends or relaxing at home and less time exercising. And I’m okay with that.

So I didn’t complete the training plan I committed myself to 10 weeks ago. To compensate, I’ve started training harder, fewer times per week. Hopefully when the 10k comes around, I’ll make it through feeling strong. I’m looking forward to doing more yoga and spin classes over the winter months, and hanging up my running shoes for a little while.

How does your workout change season to season?

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